Soyuz Ariane 5 H-II Soyuz

Welcome to European Space Propulsion

A new company has been formed in Northern Ireland to bring industry leading rocket propulsion to Belfast.  European Space Propulsion (ESP) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aerojet Rocketdyne (AR), a U.S.-based leader in-space propulsion.

ESP provides AR heritage products and services for in-space propulsion through its subcontracting relationship with the European manufacturing and test organization, Thales UK (formerly Thales Air Defence Ltd), also based in Belfast.  The cooperation between ESP and Thales UK provides the European space community with the time tested and flight proven in-space AR products from a European manufacturer.

Current Products & Services

  • N2H4 System Integration & Assembly
  • Select N2H4 Thruster Manufacturing
  • Satellite Fueling Services
  • Green Propulsion Development
  • In-Space Chemical Propulsion Testing